ARDALLION - Сайт Вячеслава Карижинского. "Ampelopsis" (2005)


"Ampelopsis" (2005)

A dream would leave

I was a human being
And I cannot forgive myself
To hurt my only gift
Of life

I was as cold as idling
I cannot recognize myself
Your shedding tears I lift
So rife

But when the sun takes us from here
From our hope, a dream would leave
We die together in the dawn
That day our helplessness is gone

But when I take away last tear
You won’t be close, you won’t be near
As we were needed just as prey
I’ll bless my death to go away


Bedight thy eyes from thralldom
Dolorous victims of his rancour
Albeit thy braid welms thunder
The welkin would devour
And beauty kills the purity
The virtue kills the weakest
The yore wends through dun augury
Imbruted, defying and deepest

Aqua tofana, ubi Tenebrae, rumorque tumultuosus
et abyssus sitiens

Abrading the skin for dulia
Onomancy sounds Lucifer
Turpitude itself devow’d
Behold eventide of thy soul
With Phosphor

Ataraxy so nepenthean
Fulminates sdeign and venery
Anele me thee, theow
The aconite is waiting

Torment is my aphrodisiac
Reluming my rubious lust
Cates of gore so phrenetic
My lyam of aspic doth thrust

Legende des siecles
Je ferai trembler jusqu’oux rois
Vols, massacres, guerres ou pestes
O, toi, le plus savant et le plus beau des Anges

Aurorial death redeems my brine
The atheous ire the ayenbite
And atabals for devil’s shrine
Do never cease, do not abide

The argh of mighty falls to knees
We are defiled, iwis, my dove
We dwell in realm of woe and tears
Afgods where were… never of love

The ubiquitous pavid death
Subvert the trodden owelty
Omnivorous beast, adulterer Seth
Opened the door for cruelty

And when his leud is calm as quelled
Apollyon’s pinions full of fire
Sunder us from our shrill and spell
To mains of immense dark empire

Flamenco desesperado

Let me dance upon the sound of strings
Flame caressed with bleeding
Tear out from me those so useless wings
Let the pain extol me seething

Out of mind with sabre in my hand
Crash the silence down
Nothing kills a heart like words you said
You are encrowned

Let the pain according to my voice
Flow with cluttering
If I die without another choice
I’ll do hovering

I feel ease when whole my heart is dead
I’m divine there
Dance macabre and all I need for that
Is in your fair

Let the laughter execute my soul
I’d bring joy them
And I’ll feast my own disgusting fall
So to join them

Of Lust and Languish

The daedal pathway of a dream
Immured within the autumn evening
Cold touch to casement wet and dim
Harking the rain’s lassitude breathing

The heart pursuing still astir
Desires warmth but dabs herself
‘Twere cabin for the deepest fear
And for the ‘un, enchained small Fay

And when I ran into the night
Through gardens lost of waste adorned
‘Gainst ominous shades, remains of fright
And from captivity abhorred

The beauty naked I have seen
In bottom of the myrtle tree
Burn with the thirst and full of sin
Desired for passion just as me

And by the lyreman’s shedding chant
In thrilled embrasures we have lain
The lips of jacinth cleft to mine
Divine was touch of warmth and pain

The corbie guarded us from branch
And like an old Baalish priest
He did appease his ancient wrench
For nature seized by lewd of feast

E’en pouring rain like crystal joint
Struck down our backs, our faces white
Under the moon – the heaven’s coin
For recluses now intertwined

The waste of us time washed away
In moment whole the space flew back
I see our traces down the clay
The sighs I breathed now cold and lank

The vision of the rising sun
Transformed its warmth into a dream
Before I opened crying eyes
And understood what I have seen


It’s hard to see my life destroyed till the unknown
Distorted by the laws that I was born
I’ll never share the daylight hand in hand with you
But hide into the night again from you

I’ll never breathe with my full chest the morning air
No kiss would blow a breeze of springtime fair
No love would ever knock my door to wake me from
The living I wish just to cease forevermore

So temporary and fragmented
My memories are
The beauty wakes not tormented
To take them far

The Ares guides my paths
And Melpomene watches from my eyes

The handmade world destroys itself
Empire of night forfeits oblivion
The meadows burn the ones I ran
Under the sun that was deceiving

Open the dead lips of my soul
Open the dead eyes of my heart
And let me rise for just one walk
To final death through paths of bard

The hungry beast devoured me till the unknown
Inspired by the laws that I was born
I’ll never give just what I could have given more
The emptiness I’d cease forevermore

So temporary and fragmented
My memories are
The beauty wakes not tormented
To take them far

The Ares guides my paths
And Melpomene watches from my eyes

Hell made of Heaven

I follow your curse I feel it outbursts
Traps me down to the worst

I feel my hate breeds. Lashed my reddest knees
Wipe away my foolish tears

Peace is illusion for beautiful and rich
Truth’s disillusion. Awakening of the stitch.

Your love is all damn lie
To justify your lust
I don’t believe it
I don’t believe it
No one I trust!

Reject and destroy
The ugliness from the heart
For saints you have all annoyed
For devils you bear your art
Don’t ask them for help
Don’t beg them to die
Forget their sick well
For everything’s lie

Doomed thee and lonely. Black of this life
Who needs you, honey, but stinks and flies?
Hellfire is burning. It’s in your mind
Keeps the world turning in awful grind.

Pain rules the world
Of silver and gold
Hell made of heaven
To always uphold

I follow your curse. I feel it starts
Wrapping its bloody noose
Around my heart

Never me

It is not me who stood there in the rain
It is not me who said these words in vain
Nothing inside but bitter loss of self
Desire for something that I could possess

When you return you’ll never find me here
I’m worn out of the useless lies and tears
I am just pawn in games of someone else
No love, no heart, no life I could confess

I’m not the one you’d say you knew before
The one who’d play him different any more
Indifference is all that I include
I disappear I am no longer prude

It is not me who drunk the wine with you
And not the one who sent the dreams to you
Just not the one your eyes let down to see
You loved someone but it was never me

I’m not the foe and I am not a friend
I cannot blame the things I never had
I have no guilt as I have no reward
Bare nothing I don’t have to answer for

Down the river of blood and eternity

I “Prelude”

The heroes fall like evanescent trills
I can’t believe - that is the end of path
The disappointment flood the roaring seas
The desperation breeds the tameless wrath

The angels falling staggering from now
Death creeps into the beauty of their eyes
Eternity is cold and black and proud
Within her depth but any hope would die

Nothing is woe but everlasting dirt
Seduced them all into the great betrayal
There is no heart that it could ever hurt
Above them world is pitiless and pale

II “In the meadows of my primal spring”

And where the wild plants grew I met my love
Illumed by passion beautiful and deep
Celestial wings of the unblemished dove
The breath of spring, mysterious eyes of dream

She said that we should burn in boundless fire
But words of those were light and warm like wind
Within her smile I read but hush desire
I followed her the paths I’d let her lead

When drunk from love I opened weary eyes
I saw the abyss stretched beside our lair
And in her eyes there were no more disguise
The devil’s lay exuded out of there

Winds tore her wings and breathless body fell
The ravens flock did scatter in the air
In stranded nails they kept the bloody pell
And serpents vanished from her golden hair

And every sigh has echoed from the dark
With nevermore presentiment of bonds
I’ve seen but those who wore the shameful mark
Who burnt in fire with no chance to atone

III “The house of mourning”

God that was sooth beheld by me with awe
The widow’s hands were dappled with the seams
Black veil of grief the body on the floor
Her man benumbed his pale and bluish lips

His reins succinct, his chest stabbed by a sword
Medallion for the merits of the war
His mantle burnt his hollowed pupils coined
Her hair of gray, the valance full of gore

Inhuman names she called through helpless moans
The musty air from mortuary she breathed
And every sigh imbued the darkened walls
The horror of the lonely heart bereaved

Distracted from the woe her lament sang
To every god of river and of air
And light of day was sick of endless pain
As every move was rived from her despair

IV “Disillusion”

With eyeless doll of baby Christ in hands
He walks behind me, eyes are burning red
I crawl and swallow endless desert sands
And with the sun implacable I’m fed

The castles fall and earthquakes sign their end
The emptiness and silence reign the aeons
The butterfly of hope brought me descent
On her cellular parched and dusty wings

And all I wished was final sulfur rain
To strike me down and press me in the ash
He watched me pray with lion’s eyes again
And heat was hurting more than rugged lash

I wished for darkness, the oblivion
For what I saw had driven me insane
I choked with air and cursed the minion
That held my life for new ordeal again

And suddenly I found myself in chains
That martyrs wore when marched into the war
Their eyes were put out and the acid rains
Corroded bodies and their hearts to core
They walked beside the river dark and soar…

V “The limbo”

Where lovers burn in seas of sateless fire
And flowers wither in the hands of beast
For every deed the punishment is dire
And pestilence that rules atrocious feast

I saw her bleed when monsters ripped her womb
That were the children of the men she laid
Deformity has crept from stinking comb
They killed themselves but they could not be dead

She was my love, the first spring of my soul
That called for me though I could not redeem
The words she said to me were true at all
And I have prayed for it was just a dream

The trace of blood she left behind her flesh
They dragged behind themselves into the fire
And then I saw her burn and turn to ash
To wake again for suffering revived

VI “Alone”

I stand alone and watch the rivers flow
Eternity has taken all my dreams
The dirt has sunk before the morning glow
I didn’t hear the terrifying screams

Her face from grave shown peace of ever rest
No shade of pain but else worlds out of pale
Since that I know that all the dead are blest
The living suffer with the mourning veil

Those rivers flow much faster than our time
From nowhere to same nowhere back again
And we ourselves have made the rank of crime
In whose dark bed with our souls we lain


Far from the burning eyes of sun,
Behind the hazy walls of rain
I talk to larvae of the Hellas
And Hades’ serpents in my bed
Engraft my face from daylight’s heat
And hide my nakedness of heart
From every eye or alien feet
To join my segregated art

The realms you’re given you have spoiled
Now you’re ashamed of your own names
Insanity cut golden coil
Your rituals decay in flames
The incest of your soul and dream
Has paved the way to sewage waste
Abominable holes you ream
To gain the stench and limbo’s taste
The echo of the siege of hordes
I hear from moans of dark empire
The art of war dishonest one
Entail the might of funeral pyre
The shadows whisper from outside
The solar lakes await the stew
I went back home from thousand miles
My brownie, hence I am with you

The years sheltered you from dregs
And rains have washed away
From balcony enclosed by fence
I see the past today

It brings me odor of the wreaths
From long forgotten graves
The words of dead, their timeless breaths
And blowth of autumn grapes

I hear the distant river flow
Whose reveries fulfill
The mist conceals the morning glow
And tramples all I feel

The Motherfucker At My Place

[single version]

I've lost my fears I've lost my way
I redefined it for a day
In chaotic world of catastrophes
Leads me to nowhere, I got roads

Alone as ever but with strength
To cover every foreign land
I'm feeling free from mankind's shit
Just wanna bury all of that

The honey of my hate
Flows light like nectar of the ale
My baby's feeling sort of fuckish
I let it entertain

You are the shot of porno view
I dedicate my verse for you
Just get out from my bed away
You're not the one I wish to stay

Never subsequent
No sympathy frequent
I love you grieving
The same stuff with me

I know you'll find a one to fuck
Another sucker on your track
Better than me who got more grace
The motherfucker at my place

Never subseqent
(I better feel like masturbation)
No sympathy frequent
(I better stay here confidential)
I love you grieving
(The sweetest tears in dark extension)
The same desire for joint with me

So get the fuck out of my life
You steal my name line after line
The same old rock'n'roll saved me
From shit like you and now I'm free

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