ARDALLION - Сайт Вячеслава Карижинского. "Abyss of hatred mini" (2005)


"Abyss of hatred mini" (2005)


Oh, how long did I wait
To open my eyes full of fire
How much bitter regret
I had for my dark desire

Now only go drop your life
We’ll step into massacre
See. The first heads are scythed
And we shall no longer care

Hail you!
Destruction tastes like an ale
Death horse is waiting so pale

To nothing where you were born
My heart is taken and torn

Back to savagery
My enemy
My life

Feel hate’s ecstasy
The leprosy
This night

Laugh to see them bleed
It’s what you need
All time

All we need is war
Against their world
Break free

From this surgery
Back to savagery
With me!


So here’s the last in line
And now you will be mine
Tonight so scared to shit
Your fears I’ll surely fit

You parasite! Come on!
It won’t take your ass long
Hit me again you brat
Tonight you see. I’m glad

Aren’t you tired to live this way?
I don’t judge you but you get right on my way

I hate your eyes
That lick my sight
Hate your desires
That burn inside

And you dare say
My name again
Murmur your prayer
Won’t save! You’re slain

I hit you once
I beat you twice
You cannot bounce
My fist, you lice

I watch your blood
Rain from my hand
Can’t cry aloud
You fall and bend

I’ll waste my hate
Until you’re dead
Increase the rate
Your sky has left


I am the fucking liar
I cherish hope within my
Dirty soul
I am the fucking monster
I love to hurt from whole my
Rage befouled

I am the awkward devil
I know the truth, the opposite
I hate the beauty ever
And praise it with my sweet deceit

I’ll never show my real face
It’s poor. It’s full of scorn
And I was made from sperm disgraced
So now, my Lord, I’m worn

I slay the world inside my dreams
I crash the beauty down
Admiring when they cry their screams
I take my bloody crown

So now, my pretty-pretty God
Injustice is your name
You keep me here to suffer but
Won’t throw me in your flame

Now cere my face with ulcer more
Let flies devour my eyes
To never see this fucking bored
This fucking world of lies

Rip off my skin and mutilate
My naked ugly flesh
Let devils spit on me, inflate
Me… that will be your cash

And in the end gift me your curse
Strike on my head with guilt
And let my stinking blood outburst
Remains of life, the filth

And let the dung suck my last breath
Their laughter kills my cry
My rubbish god, my prayer’s for death
Please, let me fucking die


Invisible one lives in the cage of the walls
He won’t see the rain, won’t see waterfalls
He’s goin’ insane reflected, mirrored, obscured
Time floating by him, he’s wretched but he’s secure

Load up sound loudly
Call yourself proudly
No one is here and none would ever be

Invisible one talks to the shadow above
The sense of betrayal, the essence of love
Amused just when eyes are closed to see world outside
The drowning brain whispers softly: none by your side

Invisible one wakes from a dream that he built
Can anyone tell me what’s his awful guilt
Would give perfumed hand to save him fro fall
You carry your cross give no damn at all

Invisible one you’ll never see light again
Invisible one you’ll softly melt in your pain
Invisible one you hear them laughin’ outside
Invisible one you’ll bear your lifetime at night

Invisible one…


The breast of a woman, the hand of the man
The fire between them, the nursery can
Enfold the possession foresee bitter end
Like hurricane takes everything from a land

A man here beside me he’s calm akin death
He owes all the bleeding he owns all the wealth
His cold mesmerizes like dead winter sleep
I know his infection of life is too deep

I drink cup of poison
I do define my way for keeps
I lift my voice on
The curse that’s on my fingertips
And raise my cruel hand
To show my last command

It takes me nowhere
It gets me over
It fills my body
I feel the bloody

Ambrosial dying
In slaughter’s sighing
Not satisfying
My pride denying

Abyss of hatred
The moan of paltry
They’ll prompt me sacred
Spell words to find


Dismal in credits of pain
Return again and again
And in the headlight I’m dead
And shrouded under the fled

A conflict will never end
Now send me your new descend
The bitterness of my dreams
Return to nowhere it seems

Can’t see the fucking way out
Can’t see the fucking way out

Abused for million words
I’m out of tale out of swords
Lies deep the dark cold disease
Ring through my eyes and my ears

Cursed for just being alone
Stigmata wouldn’t get gone
I ease myself when I fall
In death and rage I am tall

Can’t see the fucking way out
Can’t see the fucking way out

I kill the voices inside
They try to capture my mind
And when it breaks down the wall
I’ll kill myself when I fall

Shoot me down now
You pretty devil’s machine
Shoot me down now
With your incredible sheen

And hollow my head
The golden bullet gets right
I see your forehead
Black, held so straight and so tight

Fuck off you motherfucker!!!

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