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"Beyond The Stream" (2005)

Under The Shepherd Moon Of Tragedy

Upon the sound of ocean wave
Here comes the night of aeons
Ambivalence and turbulence
The sleep of dying seasons

The tear is gone from eyes of child
Beloved by the dark
The abyss called for you so wild
And went into your heart

You are the cursed you hold your pain
A dancing queer of doom
Your unborn soul your mind consumed,
Your memorizing tomb

You love your madness more than life
When try to stay yourself through time
The victim of the genius lie
The child of midnight crime

Your ugly benediction
Is beauty of your curse…

The dying shore of human hope washed by the cold
Waters of eternity
On skulls of dark empire
Under the shepherd moon of tragedy

As I watch your dirty dance
Your awkward joy, your bleeding sorrow
I know you have no other chance
And you know not tomorrow

I curse the angels not ashamed
I let my anger ago
I take a side of those who’re blamed
Like thousand years ago

So still we run through the distance of nothing, vomiting our lives,
choking with the infernal smoke, the saltant smile of fire, the wretchedness
of eternal night falling down with frost and emptiness. Here is the game
we play to serve our pain. To praise our misery with desperation.

God's Fishing

The Wuthering Sea of existence
Sinking the ships with the autumn leaves
The foolishness of resistance
And voices collided by tears

Death of our little earth
Is nothing but joy for your heaven
Verdict defined from your birth
Was written by holy black raven

Take me on your bloody hook
Poison me with your distinction
Hearken to me, feel my look
Striking your vulnerable fiction

You verminate with relics
Your dissolute order of payment
Cruel in your teasing tricks
Broken in your frantic statement

My child is crying all night
So who is the father of lie?
If you deprived me of mind
Send me your butcher angel to die.

Now watch as all love turns to dust
Watch us destroying your temple
Snapping your faith by the crust
In the snow of your evil December

The Pestilence Of Dream

Who’s there in soundless sky?
For whom I lift my eye
The words I try to find
In whispering wind so fine

Who’s there behind the clouds?
Haunting my soul with lies
My freezing hope at night
Please, take my life

Whose veins of mescaline
And lace of Angeline
I cut onto myself
Bereft within myself

Whose fields of morning dew
In sadness would endure
And broken by the storm
Amidst them I am worm

Whose beauty of disguise
Blinded my weary eyes
Whose heart of northern ice
Has froze me to my hours

I my deepest and most painful memories
Rotting in scaffolds of imagination with every fragment of love
The lives given for nothing
Enfold the pestilence of dream

The Fragments Of Perception

This nightmare never ends
My baby, I am burning
Please, take my weary hands
I leave for no returning

This venom flows through life
I’m overfilled with sorrow
Please take my freezing hands
To never see tomorrow

You are my dream, I know
You’re just a dream in silence
Please, take me, let me go
Away from seas of madness

With smile you raise your knife
Above me now amusing
You mock my foolish life
Though you are not abusing

Now tread me down to dust
My miserable living
I live but without lust
My passion is my seething

No one would hear this cry
No one would step off darkness
The wingless will not fly
Enthralled by dreams of brightness

Born not for human world
To be alone forever
Please, cease my days on earth
My useless lost endeavor

Sopor Sextus Filius Humanus

I felt like I was drowning
Into the valley of darkness
I felt like I was dying
In shivering hand of my mother’s

I felt my own pulse hard and slow
She promised recovery from sleep
I felt my whole conscience flow
Into the unknown raging stream

“Back from the life! You’re tormented child
Come see the origin of maceration
Evil disguise of the pulchritude’s smile
The host of the world’s dark creation
Punishing worms with the sight of decay
Slumbering with tears in embrasure of thunder
Innocent dream is the one here to pay
Torn by the hollowing winds there asunder”
“Still they beget their disgusting outbursts
Martyrs of cold shapeless cloud
To set them on fire in existence that burns
With poisonous semen of God
Lonely they are in perdition of love
Sickness and madness with them
Banished from Eden and heaven above
Dark is the heart of the man
Injured from birth they are dragging their lives
Through labyrinths of dissipation
Atropine apples in wild rushing eyes
Starving the shred of compassion
Sobbing their grieves but they’ll never be heard
All of the born is the damned
Sacred machine of the faith made to hurt
Wailed is the son of the man
Merchants of death chase the perishing light
Heaven is utterly doomed
Take me, my angel, forever tonight
Back to my mother’s womb”

Everything is gone now
You have survived, my son
Now wake up from your slumber
My dear, my only one

The heart is beating smoothly
Your hands are mild and warm
I knew the time was soothing
Open your eyes, you’re born


Lost in the aeons of the ruined empires
Washed by the sea, built from honor and sand
I watch the evening of sunset’s warm pyre
Falling down here on my cool weary hand

Taken from time to mysterious slumber
I have turned over the boundaries of age
Here is the theatre of moonlit chamber
Here is the music from cold pebble stage

Here was the kingdom of runes and crusaders
Now it takes rest in the Morpheus realm
Here were the hordes, vile and cruel years later
Taken by wind to the sand they did whelm

Chaos sleeps here lullaby with enchantment
Song of a dream everlasting and strange
I drink its harmony healing compartment
Moment before here takes new cold revenge

I take off my vesture of fear dissipating
Jump in the water so maroon and warm
Here is my asylum and I’m integrating
Leaving away all the permanent worn

Music of dream features my silent swimming
Flows through my body, my soul and my veins
Here’s no ore starving for false dream intriguing
Here was the unity of sun and rain

I’ve lost myself in embroidery of Morpheus
I have become part of that ancient rune
Every quatrain folding vast waters ochreous
Filled with the beauty of sonorous tune

Was it a dream, rare and fabulous vision?
Was it salvation I found to explore?
Dazed I have seen from the shadowed partition
Harpsichord left on the long forlorn shore


With hatred I ignite my heart. I followed path of carrying cross. No sacrifice for damned mankind, no single tears its worth. The scum of earth in jollity. The somber mourning near…
I won’t believe the purity. No love, no single tear… who bleeds till death for ever dream? Who wins forevermore? Accomplished crowd hits tambourines. It wins – the devil’s whore. I hunger for your fleet decay; I thirst for your dark blood to tear your flesh and throw away into the pit of mud. The flies around my rotting faith, your essence and your stench. You’ve sent your only son to death. With blood his robe is drenched. I watched the tears that fell from sky, the devil walked with me. Deny you both, my soul hath died. My life just let it flee. May wait no longer for my share, compassion’s gone for keeps. And so be it, my foe, beware my grasp on you so deep. Send them your scorn, your pain, your wrath with ulcers on its face and bleed your death from that above to choke them in disgrace. Be damned! Be damned! Till end of days let fire devour your shame. The savagery defined my way and Gestas is my name. “Just because you love him, Jesus, I withhold myself for more”. Sepulchral stone above my head, the heaven cried and Satan wept.

Transcending The Bottomless Chasm

Let the requiem flow all over the world
Let the funeral wreath dry ‘neath pale autumn sun
Somber mourning outside of eyes stiff and cold
Like the marble I lay here and my life is gone.

Through the dream of a thunder
Sky is pried open wide
Taken from six feet under
Through the storm clouds I glide

Watching depths with no twinkle
But my eyes cannot see
Washed from blood my heart’s sinking
In the ravishing sea

Though I lie in the shadow
My inner self prows the light
The dark infinity slumbers
In colors of final night

The raven’s eye in the moonlight
Hides the beholder inside
Sleepwalking moonchild of starlight
No longer stays by my side

And floating rayon of vast light
Is now caressing my face
Wiping my eyes off the twilight
Fill my frozen dark space

Take my memory from that love
Love that served me just pain
As the vision of white dove
Sent to me once again

Here... away from smothered body given to earth, away from the martyrized
Existence crucified for only hope I die for past, die for future, die for myself
Transcending the bottomless chasm of inevitability.

Through Nothing, Through It All

The rivers run beneath my feet
My time goes by so cold and fleet
Into the depths I see them ‘way
My fever I hove yesterday

When on their knees they prayed with tears
They prayed for life in dreadful fears
In dark set of eclipse they crept
And just with them I crawled and wept

Waken from nightmare hand in hand
Inside my mouth I felt the sand
Of ocean where we sank and drowned
The clay of doom on frozen arms

Still in a dream stood mesmerized
I cannot open weary eyes
The holy script in hunger
For exit light of thunder

Like pierced by poisoned arrow
I lay beside the barrow
And hear the water flow
Through nothing, through it all

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